DD16 – Day 10

Welcome to Day 10! It’s Saturday and the sun is shining bright outside. I went to the flower market in Lisbon and got this simple yet big and wonderful wreath for our entrance door.

Saturdays are also days when I go to get fresh flowers for work and I though this transparency would add the perfect touch here. I silver foiled it with the Minc machine.

And voila!

Products used here:

Journal cards from Jasmine Jones’ digital kit
Acrylic stars from Ali…

DD16 – Days 08 & 09

The following days were very peaceful and focused on finishing work on time before the holidays start. We enjoyed some nice morning walks by the cliffs and some more decorating. The simple things!

One funny moment though was when I actually was filling up this layout on the evening of the 9th. I had chosen the words “peace, love and joy” but our puppy had decided to make a mess and lots of mistakes that evening! I thought I probably…

DD16 – Day 07

Our last day in London. I woke up super early to try to get some new shots with my Christmas present, and ended up in one of my favourite areas, Greenwich.

One thing I love during Christmas, is capturing wreaths. I just love how the doors become all dressed up and look so inviting and warming.

I may have cheated a little and added a snow overlay afterwards, but to be honest it really was grey and cold!

I was pretty glad when I…

DD16 – Day 06

So much happened that day!

I was very hopeful to upgrade my camera for my job, and I was thinking about it overnight (hence the selfies and the wishlist chipboard there), and I finally went ahead and got it the next day!

I also caught up with a friend of mine and wandered the streets of London. It was such a beautiful day (although freezing cold!)

One of the most magical things I had ever seen was the massive Christmas tree they…

DD16 – Day 05

Hello Monday! I actually flew to London for a Christmas party organised by a club I am part of, the FEA. I was really looking forward to it!

During the day we wandered around, enjoyed the Christmas spirit and in the evening I went to the party. I am somehow more used to photographing places and still life than myself or moments, hence the lack of people’s photos for the last 2 days. But I am working on it!

On the…

DD16 – Day 04 – London Calling!

3.45am. The alarm rings off. Time to get up and go to the airport, we have a flight to London today! I had decided not to take any DD supplies as I would be able to catch up on these 4 days once we get back.

I had however, planned to upgrade my camera and my phone and knew I would be taking a lot of photos from that city which I was calling home until recently.

The moon tag is from…

DD16 – Day 02 & 03

Welcome to Day 02 and 03! We didn’t do too much so I decided to remember nice moments of the Christmas season last year. Since it’s my first album, I thought it could be nice to include some previous photos and record some past moments too.

Here is what page 2 looks like:

I used some tags from Paperchase that I cut in half, as well as some elements from Ali Edwards’ story kits. I also used elements from Pam Garrison’s…

DD16 – Day 01

Here we go! I am so happy to start on this beautiful journey. As it turned out, the first of December was a very peaceful and bright day, so I decided to emphasise this in my layout.

I went with the 2×2 pockets as we spent a lot of time outside and I wanted to remember this. We had a long walk in the morning, we went surfing and I also went for a bit of shopping.

I also decided to…

DD16 – Foundation pages

This is my first year of doing December Daily and I am beyond excited to start on this project!

I am using a mix of patterns and illustrations from Creative Market as well as some kits from Ali Edwards. I realise that I probably should have placed my physical orders a lot earlier as some items will probably not arrive until January now (I am based in Portugal).

Here are some pages of my nearly ready album:

I decided on a colour…