DD16 – Day 23

A nice family catch up day! Good food, good weather, good times. Cheers to a simple life.

It’s also nice to be back in my childhood home for a bit. I’m lucky to have grown up in the same house all along, and although my bedroom is now a crafts space (I wouldn’t mind sleeping in there!) nothing much has changed, and the feelings of comfort and joy are amazing. I thought it’d be a good day to write my…

DD16 – Day 22

It’s still dark outside. The alarm goes off and I’m wondering what the heck is going on in here. Before I quickly remember. We’re going to France. Today. It’s Christmas. Please no snow. Not now. Haha, here? What was I thinking? That I was still in London?

Markus was SO funny, he was trying to sit down like a kid at the back!

Mousse was a lot more trouble though. We had a rope net at the back so she wouldn’t start…

DD16 – Day 21

The last day before the trip! Woohoo! So excited yet a little anxious on this “kind-a-family-trip” with these 2 beasts of ours! 1007 kilometres in one day, I’ve done it on my own twice, it’s no so much fun, so I’m hoping that now we’re 2 drivers it’ll be much easier!

DD16 – Day 17

Our patience with the rain was rewarded. On that Sunday, the weather was back to looking amazing, sunny and comforting. We went for a simple walk up the Portuguese cliff of (the popular surf contest) spot of Ribeira d’Ilhas.

Here I used some lettering from Creative Market and a digital stamp from Ali Edwards (peace and joy) that I added directly onto the right photo before printing it.

DD16 – Day 16

It was POU-RING rain on the 16th. To the point where all I wanted to do was to stay in bed ALL DAY. But we had stuff to do, so we decided to get out for a quick trip to town that day.

We still had a few presents to buy before leaving to France, and one of them was Port. We naturally decided it’d be much much better if we offered a Port we knew was amazing. I think…

DD16 – Days 14 & 15

I decided to make the 14th and 15th quite similar. I felt so cosy at home yet so excited about the festive season approaching that I thought I could use a sheet of felt and add the ‘spark’ word on it.

To mark the dates I simply used a tag and hand lettered it on the other side. I added Lisbon on the 14th as I remember us getting stuck in traffic on the way back and having a laugh…

DD16 – Day 13

This is a little bit of a special day for me. The 13th December is the day when Ste-Lucie is celebrated (my name!). I used to have a small present as a child (very often a hit CD with 2 songs you know!) and so I chose to record the date as a circle to remember that.

I was living in London for the last 6 years and they don’t mention name days there, but in Portugal (like in France…

DD16 – Days 11 & 12

On a Sunday, especially a sunny one, there’s nothing better than a run in the morning and to chill for the rest of the day. On Monday we also took it easy and went for a surf session in the afternoon.

Happy days!

Products used:

Glitter star, text strips and LOVE YOU journal card are from Ali Edwards.
Lettering: my own
Pattern on the 12 journal card from Creative Market