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DD16 – Day 06

So much happened that day!

I was very hopeful to upgrade my camera for my job, and I was thinking about it overnight (hence the selfies and the wishlist chipboard there), and I finally went ahead and got it the next day!

I also caught up with a friend of mine and wandered the streets of London. It was such a beautiful day (although freezing cold!)

One of the most magical things I had ever seen was the massive Christmas tree they…

DD16 – Day 05

Hello Monday! I actually flew to London for a Christmas party organised by a club I am part of, the FEA. I was really looking forward to it!

During the day we wandered around, enjoyed the Christmas spirit and in the evening I went to the party. I am somehow more used to photographing places and still life than myself or moments, hence the lack of people’s photos for the last 2 days. But I am working on it!

On the…

DD16 – Day 04 – London Calling!

3.45am. The alarm rings off. Time to get up and go to the airport, we have a flight to London today! I hadΒ decided not to take any DD supplies as I would be able to catch up on these 4 days once we get back.

I had however, planned to upgrade my camera and my phone and knew I would be taking a lot of photos from that city which I was calling home until recently.

The moon tag is from…

DD16 – Day 02 & 03

Welcome to Day 02 and 03! We didn’t do too much so I decided to remember nice moments of the Christmas season last year. Since it’s my first album, I thought it could be nice to include some previous photos and record some past moments too.

Here is what page 2 looks like:

I used some tags from Paperchase that I cut in half, as well as some elements from Ali Edwards’ story kits. I also used elements from Pam Garrison’s…

DD16 – Day 01

Here we go! I am so happy to start on this beautiful journey. As it turned out, the first of December was a very peaceful and bright day, so I decided to emphasise this in my layout.

I went with the 2×2 pockets as we spent a lot of time outside and I wanted to remember this. We had a long walk in the morning, we went surfing and I also went for a bit of shopping.

I also decided to…

DD16 – Foundation pages

This is my first year of doing December Daily and I am beyond excited to start on this project!

I am using a mix of patterns and illustrations from Creative Market as well as some kits from Ali Edwards. I realise that I probably should have placed my physical orders a lot earlier as some items will probably not arrive until January now (I am based in Portugal).

Here are some pages of my nearly ready album:

I decided on a colour…