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DD16 – Wrap up!

Happy New Year! I’m glad that this weird and tumultuous 2016 is now behind us and we get the chance to start fresh once more.

There’s this tradition on New Year’s Day that I love: watching the Annual Philarmonic Orchestra in Vienna. Well it’s mostly because I love the ballet part of it, and we normally watch it while preparing toasts and canapes for lunch. Gosh it was so cold. We don’t have a lot of heating and if it’s…

DD16 – Day 30 & NYE

We drove back home on the 30th in the morning and we got there not too late this time. The trip was super easy although amazingly foggy most of the way, it felt so mystic and wintery.

Nothing much happened on NYE since my partner got sick and we cancelled our plans. I do love a nice cosy NYE at home too to be fair, I am super energetic but also very introvert and after all those meet ups I…

DD16 – Day 29

The best surf session in the morning, and the coldest too! Finally some good waves, no one there (4 degres at 8.30am!) and the perspective of an amazing lunch at home afterwards. This was truly and amazing Christmas-after-Christmas Day.

DD16 – Days 27 & 28

On the 27th we decided to go back to the market for fish and to cook a good dinner, so my mum would have a break from the kitchen for a bit. Then on the 28th the rest of the family arrived, and it was a good occasion to remind ourselves of the last Christmas we all spent together which was 2014.

We went out to a Moroccan restaurant that night, which was ok for our expectations but…

DD16 – Day 26

We spent the day outside. Finally went surfing in the chilly morning although it was much harder and stronger than what it looked like. Brrr!

Since it’s my first DD, I really enjoy looking back on the things we did last year and find similarities. We went to Richmond for a long walk on Christmas Day 2015 and we did that again in Anglet on the 26th. It was great!

DD16 – C’est Noël!

Joyeux Noël! So grateful that I get to spend it wherever I wish, and that’s of course with my partner and my family. My 2 sisters are arriving soon, as they’re either working or celebrating with their partner’s family too, but they’re coming!

There was one thing I was wishing to have as Christmas present: a Christmas surf session. Eeek, waves are way too high and the weather’s not so great. Hopefully soon, we brought our boards with us and…

DD16 – Day 24

I promise it wasn’t planned, but I’m wearing the same sweater both years on the 24th. I think that’s because it’s my warmest and it’s just c-o-l-d everywhere.

Like mentioned on Day 23, we celebrate Christmas every 2 years at home, as the other years we’re with my partner’s family in London. Last year it was at our tiny but cosy flat in London, and this year is at my parents’ house where I grew up.

I’m actually hoping that soon…

DD16 – Day 23

A nice family catch up day! Good food, good weather, good times. Cheers to a simple life.

It’s also nice to be back in my childhood home for a bit. I’m lucky to have grown up in the same house all along, and although my bedroom is now a crafts space (I wouldn’t mind sleeping in there!) nothing much has changed, and the feelings of comfort and joy are amazing. I thought it’d be a good day to write my…

DD16 – Day 22

It’s still dark outside. The alarm goes off and I’m wondering what the heck is going on in here. Before I quickly remember. We’re going to France. Today. It’s Christmas. Please no snow. Not now. Haha, here? What was I thinking? That I was still in London?

Markus was SO funny, he was trying to sit down like a kid at the back!

Mousse was a lot more trouble though. We had a rope net at the back so she wouldn’t start…

DD16 – Day 21

The last day before the trip! Woohoo! So excited yet a little anxious on this “kind-a-family-trip” with these 2 beasts of ours! 1007 kilometres in one day, I’ve done it on my own twice, it’s no so much fun, so I’m hoping that now we’re 2 drivers it’ll be much easier!