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May 2017

A complete album

I’d like to share a few of my favourite layouts for this project.

This is the main album, dotted, onto which I added one of the thick card paper pieces, “For the love of true stories”.

On the inside cover I added the initials of my partner and myself, I think Ali did this or someone else did this and I thought it was a really nice soft textured effect. I also added more of the paper pieces “Our story” and…

OLW – April’s prompt

I will remember April 2017 as a lot of blue squares surrounding my daily life. From my planner to the bathroom mirror through the electric meter door, I have been asking myself a lot of questions about this word ‘fearless’. Here are some of them:
What’s my conception of being fearless?

In what areas to do I want to be fearless?

How ‘fearless’ can I really be?

What will I gain by being fearless?

How many times did I show a ‘fearless’ attitude today?