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March 2017

OLW – March’s prompt

This month the prompt was about creating a vision board. As I already had done one through another project, I tried to get something that would represent deeper feelings and maybe something I would actually be scared of admitting I want to see in my life.

I flicked through some of my favourite magazines and I chose pages from Happinez (It’s a French magazine about mindfulness). I thought these pages were really talking to me, more than other magazines that…

My 2017 word

This is my first year of joining Ali’s One Little Word program. I heard about it last year but I was still very new to the scrapbooking world andΒ wanted to spend more time just acquainting myself with what scrapbooking would really do for me.

When Ali mentioned her class again at the end of 2016, this time I knew I was ready to give this project some time. I chose the word “fearless”.

And then I let it sit in my…