A complete album

I’d like to share a few of my favourite layouts for this project.

This is the main album, dotted, onto which I added one of the thick card paper pieces, “For the love of true stories”.

On the inside cover I added the initials of my partner and myself, I think Ali did this or someone else did this and I thought it was a really nice soft textured effect. I also added more of the paper pieces “Our story” and…

OLW – April’s prompt

I will remember April 2017 as a lot of blue squares surrounding my daily life. From my planner to the bathroom mirror through the electric meter door, I have been asking myself a lot of questions about this word ‘fearless’. Here are some of them:
What’s my conception of being fearless?

In what areas to do I want to be fearless?

How ‘fearless’ can I really be?

What will I gain by being fearless?

How many times did I show a ‘fearless’ attitude today?

A week in the Life – Title and Trailer

I waited for Ali to start working on her album as to be honest, I was feeling overwhelmed by all the supplies I had and the photos I took and wasn’t too sure on how to brief myself. You can read Ali’s post here.

I think getting started with the Title and Reason why made perfect sense to me and somehow brought clarity to the project. It quickly allowed me to focus on why I wanted to do this and…

Sunday 23rd April

As I am writing this post, the ‘”week in the life” project is over and I feel like I want to continue recording the little moments and the things that matter but that we tend to take for granted. I think that’s the biggest lesson I learned this past week: nothing can be taken for granted.


I wake up a little before 7am, with the sound of the birds that I absolutely love. And here’s the lovely sunshine coming into…

Saturday 22nd April

06.45: Yeyyyy! I slept an extra 45 minutes today! I really am still sleepy though and I wish I had a little more snoozing but it’s already day outside and everyone else is awake.

07.30: I complete my Nike workout and it’s amazing because it’s more like a stretching session and I feel better afterwards than before.

07.45: Viktoras leaves to get bananas from the market. We’re out and I can’t do my breakfast without one. While waiting for him to…

Friday 21st April

6.00am. Let’s make it 6.45am shall we? Now I am in the mood to get up. Because that’s what Fridays are all about. And I left 20min later than usual, after making a nice fresh carrot juice for my partner who just left for a 11km run.

I realise I didn’t take photos until the afternoon. I studied in the morning at the studio, had a sandwich for lunch and only started moving about after 2pm. It very much seems like I didn’t bother…

Thursday 20th April

I naturally woke up at 5.24am today. I wish I didn’t. I get up and Mousse is waiting for me just on the other side of the door. Too cute.

It hurts everywhere. From that workout. The one where I skipped a third of it. Shame on me. Let’s go to work.

I arrive in the office at 7.53am this morning, that’s nice. Love being at my desk before 8am. In France it’s already 9am and I text my family to wish…

Wednesday 19th April


6.02am: Finally slept through the night without waking up. But wow, after that workout last night, every muscle hurts, especially my legs and my back. Bizarrely though, I’m feeling so great!

7.26am: en route for work. In one day my car will go to the garage to get its engine oil changed. It’s about time, that “bip” -> Service, each time I put on the contact was getting on my nerves 🙂

I arrive to work and decide not to park…

Tuesday 18th April

Back to work today! I discovered that Apple (finally!) updated their clock app and they now have “Bedtime” which tells you when it’s time to go to bed but also has amazing waking up ringtones now. Anyway, all of this to say that my day started at…

5.04am – when the garbage truck came and loaded/unloaded all the bins around the area. And with some musical Biiiip, biiiiiip, biiiiiips. Lovely. They usually come at 6, not 5! Did they all fall…

Monday 17th April

It’s the first year I’m doing this project. I tend to live in a different place from one year to the other and I quickly forget the little habits and routines I had. This project will be a good one to look at in 10 years to see what’s actually staying the same from one home to the other, and what’s changed for good!

Here’s to Easter Monday. I had a tough choice to make. I live in Portugal but…